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Princess Empress Gloria
25 June 1986
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Nihao! Thanks for coming to my little journal! Let's see...what about me?...I'm a girl.Yep I girly girl. I like great food like rice and pizza and spaghetti. Yummy! Food is so good I'm surprised I'm not fat.(No really I'm not. 5' 1 3/4" and 120lbs) I'm a proud Gackt fangirl. You're looking at present Gackt High Priestess! Yeah I can dream can't I. I also like Ayumi. My dreams are to be a singer-fashion designer-lyricist. Yep I think I'll start working towards that. I'm a shoujo manga and anime fan. My favorite is Sailormoon in both categories. I'm currently collecting Confidential Confessions. I suggest that you read it too. Even if you're a guy. You'll learn something. You'll probably find out as soon as you clickie that linkie up there that my favorite color is probably pink...if you thought that then you'd be oh so right! Yeah my favorite color is pink and just about any variation of the color except red not so much (ms bennett rubs off on you). I was a Chinese language and literature major at UF (pronounced oof haha) aka University of Florida. I plan to go to Shanghai to a language school to continue learning Mandarin though. One day I will be magnificent but for now I am sparkling. So yeah that's a little bit about me.

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W is perfect PV pose love

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